Believe [email protected] Roti each day, you are safe from Burglars?


He was Stabbed, bleeding profusely… Owner was Pleading! What was the Matter?  
@Dr Tapesh Mathur

1. Wailing owner, badly bleeding Dog was unbearable, till we knew the Real Story

This was when we were posted in the largest animal hospital doing our duty. Impatient owners and their equally restless ailing pets would be routine for us. But as soon as this owner with his profusely bleeding dog reached the foyer of the hospital, we all realized the urgency to save the life first before knowing the story behind.

2. In OT brutal stabs was talking point

We were angered by the fatal injuries and violent raze against the dog. It had stabs of knife all over. But what was still a surprise that the owner who seemed apparent culprit is worried? If the Dog was so dear, why such brutality?

3. Operation was Over…now we Blasted on the Owner

We couldn’t understand what must have happened after all. How a Dog could be so badly beaten. We expressed our displeasure and the story was entirely shocking yet inspiring.

4. It is not my Pet but a street DOG

The owner revealed that the Dog is actually a street dog. The next query was then how? who? why? this happened? He shared that it was in his habit to offer a homemade chapati each day while going office. I didn’t realize that this would one day save my life…at the risk of losing someone’s life.

5. He risked his Life to save mine, in return of one ROTI each day

I was on tour and reached early morning. As soon as I reached I was shocked to see some burglars trying to force themselves into my house. This dog who I would just know as one who I would feed with a chapati each day was fighting life-death battle to stop them entering my house. While my family was unaware and slept safely inside, this poor dog had already risked his life. He was stabbed all over but didn’t give up. Now as I reached burglars ran off…and I just rushed him to the hospital to save his Life.
‘Doc…please save him at any cost’…these words still echo in my ear and give shiver down the spine. Salute Street Dogs! You all Rock!


vinaya sengar on December 5, 2015 AT 12 am

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Aishwary Goyal on January 1, 2016 AT 10 am

A real life fairy tale! I have always heard about the loyalty of a dog but reading about a real life incident here is really a heart touching experience. This story is really inspiring for me. Great!!!

krishnalimb on January 24, 2016 AT 06 pm

Thanks Aishwary. Dr Tapesh

Harsh VARDHan CHoudHARY on September 17, 2018 AT 10 am

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Thank you sir.

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