BULL was HIT HARD that day, WHY I didn’t HELP?

BULL was HIT HARD that day, WHY I didn’t HELP?



I was in my house as my son came running to urge and seek help for a helpless patient on street. There was an accident and a Bull was hit hard by a speeding vehicle. And before we could reach…there were SILENT SUPPORTERS who made me see what I had missed in my Veterinary life.

“Papa, there is an accident in front of our house”…though this is a routine for us as the cross lanes without traffic light has made our street vulnerable. We get to see and treat injured people often. But today it was a BULL, hence I was to be in my role as VET more than just being a GOOD SAMARITAN.


I know as Vet that Bovines don’t groan even in deep distress. But it was certainly harsh hit as it was Standing Still and Shocked afterwards. It took me a while to realize how I may help as it has not fallen down neither from 100 meter distance could I get sense of its injury.

THEY EMERGED from NOWHERE, Stupefied I Watched
I had to decide what to do as my son was more restless seeing the accident live. And to our utter surprise where a minute ago there was no other animal visible around, there came rushing two Cows crossing the opposite street lane. Both enveloped the injured BULL and pushed from each side as if to encourage it to try its foot and not to lose hope. It was unbelievable for me to see just as we try to offer our warmth to our loved ones in pain, both pushed gently but assuredly from their horns to help him walk. And with much reluctance and surely with seething pain, the BULL moved its foot. Their support actually worked magically if not medically!!

Call of Camaraderie

What I had never seen in my 18 year old profession, I believed now strongly enough. Fellow bovines who were neither at the site of accident nor in sight when it happened, could sense, hear and knew their role so perfectly. They left me in awe as pushing gently from horns they had infused enough strength in injured limb to bear the burden of human error and enough courage to carry on with comrades who would jump in from nowhere for heavy dose of care and comfort. Soon, slowly and step by step all strolled into another alley to continue with LIFE and convey strongly that they have a better world to take care of themselves.


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