Dr Tapesh Mathur

Member: Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Govt of India.

KEY AREA of Work : Treating Animal Disability (amputation) by Installing KRISHNA LIMB (as part of service to Animal World esp Bovines) – Innovated, field tested and recognized/ awarded by Scientific and Academic Professional Forum for Developing. This was first ever success in Animals.

Credentials: Dr Tapesh Mathur is Veterinarian by Profession in Govt of Rajasthan. In 17 years of his service he has served at various stations including the urban and rural veterinary hospitals, cattle commission and goshala. His expertise in animal surgery and planning lent him at Go Sewa Ayog (Cattle Commission of Rajasthan) as Secretary on deputation where he launched several schemes by virtue of which the Commission earned wide repute and became self-sufficient. He was also chief architect of Govt plan for free medicines in animal husbandry. His recent posting at Rural Veterinary Polyclinic has also been exemplary in terms of record number of Rumenotomy (operation to remove plastic and other foreign bodies from rumen ie stomach of critical cows (250 operations in a span of 2 years). He is also part and key mentor of Save Birds campaign run by community-based organizations during Kite festival. Has operated and rescued injured vulture (endangered), owl, kite, pigeons and other birds by stitching wings to help them fly back. Has also treated large animals Lion, Elephant and Horse and now on his mission to implant prosthetic limb on disabled (amputee) animals.

Award: He was awarded Gold Medal for Research and Innovation by Panel of Jury at International Symposium and 38th Annual Congress on Surgery (2014) organized by  Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner where 400+ Research Papers were presented. At 39th National Conference of Indian Society of Veterinary Surgery, Srinagar (2015) he was awarded another Gold medal in Best Field Veterinarian Award category for his work on Krishna Limb as he presented a scientific study on his research and innovation. The award shall be conferred next year at TANUVAS, Chennai.

Sectors of Experiences: Amputation Surgery and Prosthetic Limb, Animal Husbandry, Cattle and Small animal Surgery, Bird Rescue and Surgery, Policy Planning.

Qualification: B VSc and AH, RAJUVAS, Bikaner

PEN MEDIA FOUNDATION a registered society is undertaking KRISHNA LIMB and Animal Welfare activities by organizing camps for limb installation.

Contact Details: [email protected] +91 9414262637

[email protected] +919928015504

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