Ganga, the Cow – Slaughtering, Disability and Doom! then young CALF, new LIMB and WALKING back to HAPPINESS!

Ganga, the Cow – Slaughtering, Disability and Doom! then young CALF, new LIMB and WALKING back to HAPPINESS!


HER hind limb was critically injured, she was bleeding, barely any hair on her body, she was dying every moment when….

Let us go eight months back in time. A cow named Ganga in Durga Prasad Gaushalaa (the shelter home) at Behrod town of Rajasthan, was so frail that she could barely stand. Her hind limb was amputated below joint and she was totally dependent on the Gaushala staff. She was one amongst those who are brought here after being rescued from slaughtering. Cow slaughtering is crime in India but illegal trading of beef makes her vulnerable. Ganga was one of those fortunate ones who was rescued and was kept in safe custody of the cow savers. Though, she was critical from day one, she survived. Injured limb was painful and worsened with passage of time.

Vikram Pehelwan, a wrestler and businessman from Behrod, was restless knowing about Ganga. He would visit the Gaushala often and sense of compassion gripped him instantly seeing her and he decided to minimize her pain. Vikram shares “It was unbearable for me to see her suffering. I started visiting Gaushala each day. I used to feed her with jaggery, talk and play with her and to my amusement it worked. She was recovering fast. But I was anxious still! What will happen to her limb? Could I help her walk? This desire to see her overcoming her disability made me search for ways which can work well for her.

One day I came to know about Dr Tapesh Mathur, a Veterinarian from Jaipur who was doing prosthetic animal limb surgery. It was about one and half months back when I could talk and he instantly gave a nod for his visit to see if he can actually help. After much wait, finally he came to Behrod and did all efforts to measure the injury and undertook to prepare limb mould which was very tedious and demanding indeed. The doctor prepared the limb back in his lab and visited again to install KRISHNA LIMB. It fitted well, but he instructed me to work harder to build confidence of Ganga and help her adjust with the new devise. I did rounds of practice sessions with Ganga to use artificial limb and made her walk, run and adapt.

Ganga Cow after limb attached
Now, she has accepted this change after much effort though. And this reminds me of the fact that she is one of the most innocent of all beings and cooperates much. Whenever I see Ganga walking, it fills my heart with gratitude. She comes running and cuddles. She has a calf also who we named Kaamdhenu.

Besides serving cows Vikrma Pehlwaan, keep himself immersed in social service, for children, for needy and for animal welfare. Feeding street dogs, monkeys and ants is part of routine now. He earns happiness this way and also handles all stress of life. Baring his heart says he ‘I am excelling in business with their blessings only. I love it when all street dogs come running to play upon seeing me. They are very loyal and I like their company. We have got this human form so that we can help others. I have been serving animals from last five years and this shall remain part of me ever.’


Alka gupta on March 12, 2016 AT 01 pm

it is too good to know that u r working for the help to these innocent animals.God bless all best wishes to you and Ganga.i can feel the same pain . i m also working for the welfare of animals. i m in gwalior.want to meet our sweet Ganga. i will come to love her definitely.

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