No Limp after Artificial Limb

No Limp after Artificial Limb



Ganga rescued from Slaughtering, Now await Krishna Limb 

This Cow lost her hind limb while being rescued from slaughtering. She hardly walks still. Dr Tapesh reaches here to start Krishna Limb treatment and installation process in a temple premise where she lives now with her cute calf born after she was rendered disabled.   
Cows slaughtering is prohibited in India except North Eastern part and some states like Kerala and West Begal also, but there is illegal killing for beef trade in those states which seem to have laws but no weal vigil. The concerned groups of society trap them en route and bring the animals to cow shelters.They are often bleeding or bruised. Many times the injury is fatal or so deep that they are left permanently disabled.One such Cow is Ganga who was critical at the time when she was saved from Haryana highway trap.

She Recovers after a Wrestler pours all his Love  

She was on the verge of death when rescued. All internal organs were out in open from slit stomach. Her right hind limb was cut and there was little hope that she would survive. At this moment a person from temple committee of village Kankar Dhopa, some 200 kms from capital city Jaipur (Rajasthan) near Delhi highway Behrod, brings her to the care of a temple. Fortunately she survived.
She was taken complete care by a devotee of humanity Vikram, a wrestler from the school where world champion Sushil Kumar belongs,who named her Ganga. Animals are never thankless and she responds instantly to the call of Vikram who says to Krishna Limb team ‘If you had seen her that time, you would have cried at her state. Now I hope she walks back and enjoys all freedom’.

She delivered a Calf in Temple

After she overcame trauma and recovered, she was artificial inseminated and delivered a calf. This filled all her care takers with joy and a milking cow would also enjoy her motherhood. This affirms the fact that cows taken for slaughtering are productive and not the ones ailing or abandoned. Ganga’s baby, named Kamdhenu is a darling of all. He is alert and agile to the extent that even a strong built wrestler like Vikram would find it tough to catch him once free in fields. Vikram is very keen to have Ganga coming out of her ghetto where she limps few steps and not beyond still. Amputated limb has left her saddened and she has forgotten to walk straight as normal.

Krishna Limb Camp gives Hope 

As Vikram Pehlwan (the wrestler), as he is referred to in his area, insists that Limb may help her live even better. As Dr Tapesh Mathur measures the possibility of her coming back to live, Vikram also commits himself to serve as many cows like her and help in the cause of Krishna Limb. Though Dr Tapesh says that hind limb is tough to handle, he is trying his best to make it work. “More efforts to be on part of care taker as Krishna Limb can support only when the animal is also willing to accept and adept well after a proper course of physio therapy”.

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