Orphan Babies of Wild Animals find HOME at ANIMAL PARK! In INDIA?

Orphan Babies of Wild Animals find HOME at ANIMAL PARK! In INDIA?


Aniket Amte talks to krishnalimb.. 
1. This Magsaysay Winner is not a VET, YET SEE!
Aniket Amte is son of Dr Prakash Amte and Mandakini Amte and grandson of Baba Amte, all illustrious social workers. His parents are medical doctors but they serve and treat orphan babies of animals as they would care about their own patients. Aniket shares that hunting is a common practice here in tribal belt of Maharashtra and many baby animals are left alone after their parents die. We just bring them to us, to make them a part of us.

2.  We are Parent of all Abandoned Babies 
Aniket says that abandoned babies face threats as they cant survive on their own. Abandoned baby animals are brought here at Jemalkasa, a sheltered enclosure in district Gadhcirauli, Maharashtra. Since they are babies, they are innocent and adapt easily. They are harmless but we keep them in enclosures as the human visitors might feel threatened when they roam around with us freely.

3. 100 Orphan Animals part of Family now
Here we have 100 orphan animals and the numbers keep adding. These babies come here young, we nurture them as their parents. Make them learn to eat, live with a large family of animal world around and treat them when they are unwell. They are part of our family, like our children. They play, they express, they love selflessly.

4. Parents hunted for Food, we pay Foodgrain- Clothes to get Babies Back
Tribals hunt them not for fun, but for food. We always have a tough time to convince them to give their orphan babies to us. They agree only when we offer food grain or clothing in return. We have got most of them this way and now the Animal park is home of leopard, owl, deer, snakes, sloth bear, crocodile, hyenas, monkeys and variety of birds also.

 5. Humans might, but Animals would never Ditch you 
Aniket says that they would jump on our back, cuddle us and you can never ever think of any of these shocking you with their wild behaviour. They all live peacefully. You can not trust Humans, but these animals would never breach your faith. You just have to learn to shower all your love to get the same in return.

6. Jungle Friends! Book of Experience
Dr Prakash Amte has compiled all his experiences into a book RAANMITRA meaning Jungle friends which is a compelling story of our relation with nature and all its creatures and our craving to lead a harmonious life together.


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