When Pets Don’t Listen, Look in the Mirror


@PEN Journo: Behaviour of your Pet mirrors you and the environment it lives in. We found some pets too obedient, some too lousy and yet others too naughty to handle.

Rajendra’s Pet, a Labrador would pick a cue quickly and would follow every command.Generally silent, she is as docile as the children in the home. Same is with the Aprita’s Pomeranian Sweety. She is 9 years which is an unbelievable age for her breed. But the care and affection the family showered enhanced her comfort and longevity both.

On the contrary when we came across a German Shepherd of an owner who would pass on instruction every second, it was not comfortable for people around. It was as good as tormenting a kid with unwanted verbal objection and leaving no room for him to explore himself to quench curiosity. This Dog was obviously a nerd.

So next time when you feel your Pet is too Nice or Naughty like yourself, take it as a compliment. And in case its behaviour is a threat or little abnormal, look around or look within. Reason must be somewhere really close.


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